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How technology is set to shape the future of life sciences

The pharmaceutical, or life sciences sector, is one that is becoming ever more defined by technology.

Already being shaped by the hyper-connected fourth industrial revolution, it is hurtling towards a future that will be shaped by data and connectivity, analytics, human-machine interaction, and improvements in robotics.

As a specialist investor in technology, Parabellum Investments is heavily involved in shaping the future of the life sciences sector, notably with serialization services. The technology needed to power the intricate operating systems needed to power serialization is sophisticated and needs regular updates to keep it functioning at the peak of its power.

In short, it needs ongoing development by specialist, dedicated teams, prepared to invest time, money, and expertise to ensure the future of pharmaceutical serialization is fit for the demands that will be placed upon it in the future as the need for unique identification is currently increasing further across the world.

Parabellum Investments and advanco

Parabellum Investments is managed by its founder and CEO, Rami Cassis. One of its key portfolio companies is advanco, firmly established as one of the globe’s leading providers of levels 2 to 5 item level serialization for the life sciences sector.

Advanco’s serialization experts draw on over four decades of experience in the supply chain sectors, arming its customers with an industry-leading software platform, known as ARC. ARC works seamlessly through manufacturing, packaging, and along the entire supply chain, featuring track and trace. The software is customized to suit current and future needs, while optimizing existing customer systems.

Rami Cassis serves as the Chairman of advanco. During his tenure as Chairman, he has helped the company become further established as one of the globe’s leading forces in Level 3 and Level 4 item-level serialization.

Advanco – an established pharmaceutical pioneer.

Advanco is proud of its track record in encouraging the pharmaceutical sector to invest in its digital capabilities. The company has long realized that the smart factory will soon become a common reality across the globe, thanks to the already smart machines that keep getting even smarter as they access more data.

Ultimately, it’s the network of these machines that are digitally connected with one another and create and share information that will result in the true power of Industry 4.0. Indeed, advanco was one of the first companies in the pharmaceutical sector to highlight the importance of how digital systems will sit behind a revolution in how supply-chains are structured.

One of the major issues highlighted by the pandemic was the fact the globe had become overly reliant on just one geography – namely China – for the supply of medication and medical equipment. Not only did this cause a damaging bottleneck, placing an inordinate amount of stress on the rigid supply-chains connected with Chinese production, it placed an unrealistic demand on resources.

While China is, of course, a major global pharmaceutical producer, even it was finding it tough supply the rest of the planet through its established, rigid supply-chain. Fast-forward to today and while there is a still an overwhelming reliance on geographies such as China for the supply of much of the globe’s medication, the Covid pandemic has seen this pattern starting to shift, a pattern that is being driven by the latest technology and systems.

Furthermore, advanco has also always highlighted the importance of product track and trace providers to work together, resulting in a supply-chain which will minimize costs for pharmaceutical companies and lead towards a new standard of openness and cooperation. Advanco has long argued that the hardware and the software among different vendors needs to be much more aligned and should work much closer together, resulting in much more open and cooperative serialization processes.

Machines need to speak to each other in a common language, regardless of the manufacturer. Being an independent company, advanco can work with any machine from any supplier making it machine and hardware independent.

The importance of this cannot be over-stated. To be able to track every single item, at every single stage of the process from source to supply to consumer, is essential.

The future of life sciences investment

Rami Cassis, Parabellum Investments and advanco are committed to working together and further developing the serialization sector specifically, and the life sciences sector more widely.

Serialization is becoming more important across the globe as regulatory standards are either being increased for the first time or becoming more complex across those geographies that have mandated serialization for many years. It is also being introduced across other sectors, including food and drink and luxury goods – i.e., those sectors where consumers are increasingly needing assurances that the products are genuine.

Serialization services and the life sciences sector are increasingly becoming entwined, with other sectors increasingly needing serialization services too. There is a need for ongoing evolution, investment, and research – and Parabellum Investments is proud to be so closely involved in this process.

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