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  • Advanco, established as one of the leading serialization solutions providers for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, has acquired Vantage Consulting Group, a manufacturing automation firm specializing in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • The acquisition enables advanco to combine its established ARC platform solution for regulated track and trace with Vantage’s full automation, design, implementation, and validation engineering services.
  • Demand for serialization solutions is expected to increase dramatically over the coming years due to increased stringent pharmaceutical regulation and the uptake of serialization by sectors such as food.
  • Advanco is a portfolio company of Parabellum Investments, the family office operating as a private equity firm, led by founder and CEO, Rami Cassis.

June 15th, 2023: Advanco, established as a global pharmaceutical and life sciences track and trace solutions provider, has announced the acquisition of manufacturing automation specialist Vantage Consulting Group (“Vantage”).

The company will continue to be called advanco, with an enlarged client portfolio of over 100 blue chip clients. This means it is now the world’s largest independent provider of serialization solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector.

Through its ARC platform, advanco is focused on raising serialization standards for pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturers and distributors. This enables them to meet stringent regulatory requirements in the ongoing fight against counterfeit products. Designed to support a variety of packaging-line technologies and production management systems, ARC can serve as the central hub for managing pharmaceutical and life sciences serialization data and simplifying product traceability across the whole supply chain.

The ARC platform includes includes ARC MES/Cockpit, which serves as a packaging management cockpit for serialization and aggregation operations and ARC LES which handles warehouse and packaging shop-floor operations. ARC is already used by multiple life sciences firms for their Level 2 to Level 5 regulated track and trace requirements.

The acquisition of Vantage, which has been established for 25 years, means advanco can now additionally provide integrated design, implementation, and validation engineering services covering the entire supply chain. This includes everything from raw material handling right through to the distribution and warehouse stage, all within the latest, geographically specific regulatory requirements.

Training and support will remain a core part of advanco’s services. Its serialization experts will continue to offer on-site and remote training to ensure clients can operate the ARC systems, although a fully managed service is available. All systems will continue to be covered by 24/7 global support services.

Advanco’s acquisition of Vantage comes as serialization and automation services are expected to experience a surge in demand over the coming years. This trend can be attributed to reasons including the global surge in complex pharmaceutical regulations aimed at combatting the grave threat of counterfeit medicines. Furthermore, non-pharmaceutical sectors, including food, are also recognizing the importance of serialization for their brands as a way of proving to consumers they are buying the genuine product. Additionally, as Industry 4.0 continues to evolve, there is a growing emphasis on leveraging technology as machines become smarter and able to fully communicate with each other.

Alf Goebel will remain as CEO of advanco, while John Jordon, President of Vantage, will join the advanco leadership team. Vantage’s staff will be incorporated into advanco’s operations.

Alf Goebel, CEO of advanco, said: “Advanco’s acquisition of Vantage is a strategic move, designed to offer clients a sophisticated suite of products and services across the full spectrum of the supply chain. Advanco’s established ARC platform, and software expertise, is now fully bolstered by the design, implementation, and validation expertise offered by the team from Vantage.

“At a time when the global supply chain is coming under intense pressure, thanks to ongoing supply issues, a fluctuating economy and a post-Covid hangover, clients can now benefit from multiple efficiency opportunities offered by technology and automation. Furthermore, other sectors are learning from the pharma industry and are looking to incorporate serialization as a key function. There are many opportunities ahead – and advanco is now perfectly positioned to help clients to thrive in the years to come.”

John Jordon, President of Vantage, said: “Vantage prides itself on designing and implementing complex manufacturing and automation solutions, delivered in a way that fosters trust, transparency, and honesty with every client in every transaction. Advanco has an identical pedigree and shares a track record of client excellence across all that it does. We are therefore looking to the future with excitement as we continue to provide the entire supply chain with all that it needs for future success.”

Rami Cassis, the founder, and CEO of Parabellum Investments said: “Advanco is a key part of the Parabellum Investments’ portfolio and has seen an impressive growth trajectory over recent years. The purchase of Vantage allows advanco to now enter the next stage of its evolution, providing a platform to launch a much more vigorous strategic focus on North America, which is a key area for pharmaceutical serialization, together with Europe, and other significant markets. I look forward to working alongside the enlarged advanco team as it continues to push the boundaries and deliver excellence in the years ahead.”

As the leading provider for Levels 2 to 5 Item Level Serialization, advanco has been offering extensive, holistic and mission critical solutions in the fields of supply chains and track and trace since the early 1980s. In addition to serialization, advanco covers all aspects of the manufacturing consulting process across the entire supply chain, including everything from raw material handling to process flow and equipment specification right through to the distribution and warehouse stage.

Advanco’s industry-leading software platform is known as ARC. This end-to-end solution works seamlessly through manufacturing, packaging, and along the entire supply chain, featuring track and trace.

The software is customized to suit current and future needs, while optimizing existing customer systems. The ARC solution offers maximum flexibility, extremely high security, and governmental compliance, without sacrificing quality standards. The result provides customers with a significant competitive advantage.

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Vantage offers project management, engineering consulting, and professional technical services for all areas of the manufacturing process. From raw material handling through finished product distribution and logistics, manufacturing consulting services cover raw material handling, process flow and equipment specification, bulk filling, product packaging, facility support, utility support, building management systems and distribution and warehouse.

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