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6 April, 2020, London   International mid-market private equity specialist Parabellum Investments is expanding its UK team as it prepares to expand through new acquisitions and investments across the UK, Europe and the US over coming months. 

The move coincides with mounting concern over whether government-backed bank loans will be sufficient to support many smaller companies. Many face a sudden collapse in their revenues with no indication as to how, or when, conditions will improve – making it difficult to build a sound business case. 

The company has just appointed its first Director of Corporate Development, Gerry Hoare, who has over 25 experience in the financial services sector, and a strong record in building asset-backed finance for mid-market companies. 

Now Parabellum Investments is also recruiting an analyst to work in its business development team, to research potential markets and companies for acquisition or investment help to drive and support new deals. 

“We believe there could be many high quality, medium sized companies looking for outside investors to support their growth and recovery out of this crisis,” Mr Cassis said. “We foresee promising opportunities to invest in mid-sized firms in most established economies, across the UK, Europe and US, notably in our core area of focus – which is technology-enabled solutions for corporate clients in sectors like banking, pharmaceutical and business or IT services.”

“In particular, we anticipate a significant withdrawal from China as firms look to bring their supply chains and manufacturing closer to home after this crisis,” Mr Cassis continued. “In our view, China’s loss will help to boost Western economies and regional hubs such as Argentina in the Americas or Eastern Europe, India and the far East .”

Parabellum Investments specialises on smaller and mid-sized companies with revenues of up to US$100 million. The firm takes an operational approach, using the first-hand commercial experience of Mr Cassis and other members of the senior team to strengthen the companies in which it invests to help them to grow. 

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About Parabellum Investments

Parabellum Investments is a privately-owned, international investment firm with offices in London, Frankfurt, Dubai and Sydney, which acquires companies in the lower mid-market.

The firm primarily deploys its own funds and focuses on long-term, operational investment strategies. 

It has extensive experience and expertise in enterprise software and services, commercial IT and specialist sectors such as banking, pharmaceutical, oilfield services and defence.  The firm also invests outside these core areas where it sees synergy across its international operations and scope to grow a business aligned with the interests and experience of its management team, led by founder and CEO Rami Cassis