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Technology Investment

The role of technology in our everyday lives

To say that technology is shaping the lives of everyone is no over-exaggeration.

Whether it’s business or personal life, whether a person’s home is in the countryside or the middle of a city, and whether they are young or old, technology will be integral to multiple daily actions from the moment most people wake up, to the moment they go to sleep.

Whether it’s how we carry out our banking, how we communicate with colleagues in different parts of the world, or how we purchase a new outfit, the chances are that technological advancements have made this possible.

However, almost by its very definition, technology does not sit still. It is only through constant, ongoing research, experimentation and pushing the boundaries that technology passes from one stage to another. It is only through investment, be this financial, time or expertise investment, that technology reaches its full potential.

As a specialist investor in technology, Parabellum Investments is heavily involved in shaping our future. This is something that Rami Cassis, the founder and CEO of Parabellum Investments, is proud of. With an already successful portfolio of technology investments, both Rami Cassis and Parabellum Investments have an impressive track record of developing technology across many sectors.

Parabellum Investments: A technology-focused investor

Technology investing is a core focus for Rami Cassis and Parabellum Investments.

One of Parabellum Investments’ key portfolio companies is ieDigital. During his tenure as executive chairman of ieDigital, Rami has helped the company become a multi-award-winning force in the financial services technology industry and his guidance has allowed the business to continually push the boundaries of innovation.

ieDigital is now firmly established as one of the UK’s leading providers of the software and technology that powers the digital platforms of the biggest names in the UK banking, motor finance and mortgage sectors.

Another portfolio company is advanco, firmly established as one of the globe’s leading providers of levels 2 to 5 item level serialization for the life sciences sector. Advanco’s industry-leading software platform, known as ARC, works seamlessly through manufacturing and packaging, and along the entire supply chain, featuring track and trace. The software is customized to suit current and future needs, while optimizing existing customer systems.

A further company is Razor Risk, the leading provider of risk management technology and consulting solutions to financial institutions worldwide. Its main focus is providing fast, powerful and flexible solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s risk and capital management problems posed by the ever changing economic and financial world, in addition to the increasing demands placed on financial services institutions by governments and regulators.

Fellow portfolio company, Parseq, is a trusted business process outsourcer that specialises in workflow and technical solutions, for document, financial and payment processing.

It can deploy multiple technological solutions to allow firms to operate successfully, whether this involves outsourcing payroll services, stepping up debt management solutions, or providing fully managed IT solutions to companies, allowing them to concentrate on their own core business priorities.

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As a specialist technology investor, Parabellum Investments is open to hearing about future potential partnerships.

It is only through constant investment and innovation that technology will flourish and constantly refresh itself, able to tackle new challenges, and able to make our daily lives that little bit easier. Parabellum Investments, through its already successful track record when it comes to investing in technology, understands the importance of innovating and investing – so if you would like to discuss an idea with us, please do contact us.

In order to fully develop their prospects for growth and expansion, Fintech companies will need substantial investment. Dealmaker Rami Cassis specialises in identifying and investing in growing fintech companies that have the potential to disrupt traditional financial services and bring innovative technology solutions to the market.

International investor Rami Cassis has grown his portfolio of Fintech investments by taking a hands-on approach to investing. Fintech is one of the most exciting and rapidly evolving industries, and we are dedicated to finding the best companies in this space to add to our portfolio. With a strong track record in growing companies, see our portfolio of Fintech investments.